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We stock or can order most types of pet food for both healthy animals and for improving the health of pets with a number of medical conditions. Call us on 023 8040 6215

A wide range of diets are available for normal animals, those that may be predisposed to certain conditions, and for ill animals that benefit from specific feeding practices. In addition we can order most types and sizes of diets at short notice.
We keep in a range of Royal Canin Vet Plan diets that are designed to offer optimum nutrition for the age, sex and breed type of your pet. These diets are designed to help reduce the level of certain problems that some breeds are predisposed too. For example a diet for a Labrador would be low in calories to reduce weight gain and high in products that help protect the joints. We also keep some Hills prescription diets in stock. Please speak to a nurse or your vet for advice.
Being overweight is a frequent problem and can lead to heart disease, joint disease, diabetes and other problems. A recent study has shown that overweight Labradors live for three years less than healthy weight Labradors.  The nurses run free weight check appointments so that you can keep your pet in the ideal condition and they can suggest any changes in feeding that might be needed.
We also stock a range of collars, leads, toys, brushes and other pet care products and if we don't stock it we can probably order it for you.

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