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We understand it can be a stressful time for you and your pet if your pet is ill, and especially if they need to be admitted and treated as an inpatient. Please be reassured that we do all that we can to care for and make your pet as comfortable as possible should they need to be treated as an inpatient.

At Adelaide Veterinary Centre we have a team of devoted veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses and animal care assistants caring for our in- patients.  All of them are trained to a high standard. All of our veterinary nurses and student veterinary nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, meaning not only that they receive in depth training but that they also have to fulfil regular continued training even when qualified.
Your pet will stay in one of our modern, hygienic, stainless steel kennels that come in a range of sizes to suit all patients. There is also a large walk-in kennel for very big dogs and an isolation room for potentially contagious cases.
We make all patients as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. Our patients are bedded on soft warm beds with heated pads available if needed, and for patients recovering from surgery. Your pet will probably have missed breakfast if they are with us for an operation, but they will be fed as soon as possible after they wake up.
Facilities are available for the intensive care of in-patients including intravenous fluid therapy. An on-site laboratory allows us to provide pre-anaesthetic monitoring and get same day blood test results for ill pet’s. Our modern x-ray and ultrasound equipment may be used to help with diagnosing your pets’ illness.
To provide your pet with the best possible care if they need to be hospitalised overnight or out of opening hours, we will discuss with you the option of transferring them to the Vets Now Emergency Clinic at Bitterne. Here, both a vet and veterinary nurse will be on the premises all night, making sure your pet is monitored carefully throughout the night or weekend.

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